The domain name is for sale

I am not a professional domain reseller, I am a computer scientist and entrepreneur who started a company named Zat in the mid-90s, which is how I happen to own such an awesome three-letter domain name. The company was acquired, but I managed to buy back the name (it was not cheap — six figures). If you are interested in purchasing this domain name, please email wm @ (lowball offers will be giggled at).

Besides being a short domain name, Zat is also easily pronounceable, and has the added advantage of not being a common English word so you can get a trademark on it (I had a registered trademark on it in the 90s, but if you buy the domain I'll be happy to sign over any rights to the name). Zat also makes an excellent acronym. For example, if you are in the travel business it could stand for "Z to A Travel" (the company that is turning the travel business upside down). Or if two people named Zack and Tom want to start a business, they're in luck! And as the images below show, you can also create logos using the internet's ubiquitous "@" sign (and you're welcome to those images).

While Zat may not be a common word in English, it does have meanings in a few other languages. For example, in Indonesian Zat means "that in which a thing's special potency lies" and is used there for such things as vitamins.

In fact, that's why I own this domain name. I started a company that built advanced Java programming tools, and Indonesian is the language spoken on the island of Java. The name got a lot of attention: we even won "programming tool of the year", and were acquired before we released our first commercial product.

Another wonderful thing about the name Zat is you can create many slogans with it, like Zat's Zat, Zat's the truth, and Zat's all she wrote. When you own the name Zat, the converZation can begin. Your product can do a Zat scan. Your users can become bodhiZattvas and reach Zatori. When you acquire the name, you can celebrate by throwing a Zaturnalia. It is a verZatile word. In fact, Louis Armstrong had a popular holiday song called "'Zat you Santa Claus?"

Other domain names let you down? With Zat, you can finally be Zatiated. You may even reach the Zaturation point and be rendered insenZate. Or maybe you are inZatiable because you have so much Zattitude. With Zat, your Zatisfaction is guaranteed.

Don't settle for airZats, when you can have Zat which you desire.

Zat is where it's @